Traditional nad Modern Crystal Chandeliers and Luminaires

Hand Made Crystal Chandeliers


Bohemia is the largest historical region of the Czech lands, the present-day Czech Republic, situated in the centre of Europe. Tradition of Bohemian Glass manufacturing began in the 14th century. Production of crystal chandeliers dates in the Czech lands back to 1724.

Our company was founded in 1989 and it is our pleasure to follow the tradition of Czech glass master craftsmen.

These unique chandeliers and lightings light up houses, public and commercial buildings all around the world!!

Traditional Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers and Lightings 

World-famous traditional chandeliers decorate interiors all over the world. Czech crystal chandeliers are assembled from hand-crafted glass parts with cut ornamentation and hanged by crystal trimmings. Metal parts surfaces come with a gold or silver finish. These luxurious Czech crystal chandeliers and lamps are popular among clients for their high quality and favourable price.

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Modern Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers and Lightings

You can find wide range of modern luminaires with trimmings and smooth glass chandeliers in our offer. Modern luminaires are supplemented by original crystal trimmings. Smooth glass chandeliers are made of hand-blown glass parts. These lightings perfectly fit to the modern interiors where they create a light and airy feel. These luminaires and chandeliers are usually created in cooperation with leading Czech designers. You can use them for modern exclusive interiors to make them unique.

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Chandeliers with Swarovski Crystals

These luxury crystal chandeliers, lightings and lamps are decorated with Advanced Crystal Swarovski®. The label "SPECTRA ® Swarovski ®" guarantees original products using genuine Swarovski crystals of the highest quality. These luxurious trimmings reflect the entire colour spectrum. Chandeliers and lightings with Swarovski trimmings are composed hand-blown and hand-decorated glass parts. Swarovski trimmings make you interior luxury and original.

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Large Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers

Large chandeliers in various traditional or modern designs. Fits with all types of interiors. The ArtCrystal Tomes product range of unique large-sized chandeliers is designed for private residences as well as prestigious commercial or public buildings (restaurants, castles, theatres, palaces, government buildings, churches, etc). You can choose luminaries from our wide offer or we do designs based on the request of customers in cooperation with our team of designers. We offer assembling and installation of chandeliers and lightings in the customer's interior.

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